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Welcome to this site! Almost everything you wanted to know about Jonathan Brandis can be found on this site. Over 5000 people visit this site each month. This should be the place for all kinds of info about Jonathan. But also a place where fan's can meet eachother in the chatbox and send eachother a birthdaymail on their birthday. You can also find your perfect penpall over here to write about Jonathan and much more. The page will forever be under construction. As you may have noticed I have made a new layout for this page. Due to this some pages of the site still look "old". I hope you like the new style.
I have added a CHATBOX and a BIRTHDAY CALANDAR to my page, have fun !!!!


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Biographical Information about Jonathan
Interviews with Jonathan Brandis
All kinds of curiosities, also with movie-credits
Chatbox to chat with other Fan's
All kinds of fact's which I found on the Net
Jonathan's Picture Collection.
Birthday Calendar, sign up now !
Links to other Jonathan Pages

MOST of the pictures on this site are also available in full size,
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On this site are different Links to sites related to Jonathan. At the bottom of this page you can find some, and there is also a link-page. I just started a new topic (Web-Fact's) this will be the place for short info about Jonathan, found on the net. This page includes the following stories:

  • Jonathan Brandis: No kid anymore.
  • Jonathan Brandis and Tatyana M. Ali
  • Current Info (that I know) on Jon...
  • 'Two Came Back' Lacking in Tension

At the moment I have four interviews,
I'm glad to tell you that now all the interviews are available in english.!

  • Jonathan Brandis is the latest Dutch TV-hunk: `I used to be a brat'
  • Jonathan Brandis troubled by youth-traumas!
  • Interview on the Net with Jonathan Brandis by AOL
  • One-On-One With Jon; An Exclusive Interview

If you have an interview somewhere please let me know, cause then I would like to add it to my page !
I've also collected some curiosities about Jonathan. I have the intention to let this list grow and grow !

Guestbook by Lpage

Underneath these banners I have listed some good Links to other pages about Jonathan (the rest is on the special link page). If you like looking at him as much as I do, you MUST check out the pages from "STARGALAXY" ! I hope you will enjoy my page.


You also could try to contact the maintainer of this page at an IRC-server of IRCnet
(for example irc.xs4all.nl)
You could find me at the channel #Jonathan_Brandis
and my nick is mostly Jonathan or Brandis.

Do you have ICQ? My UIN is 5538674

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"Yeah, I saw it. Along with about 15 other people crammed into my dorm room. Jonathan Brandis did look hot, but we all agreed on one thing. Give the poor boy a razor! He really needed to shave by the end of that movie. It made him look older, but I liked him better without the stubble."

Someone about the movie Two Came Back in the newsgroup alt.tv.seaquest

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Updated on:
January 23, 1998

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